Thanks for your interest in auditioning for Celebration of Christmas 2024!


The Christmas production is an incredible showcase that unites various talents and artistic elements. It’s an exhilarating experience filled with dance, song, acting, stunts, and an array of other impressive skills.This production is all about embracing and celebrating your unique talents and passions. Whether you’re a mesmerizing dancer, a powerhouse vocalist, a natural actor, or an adventurous stunt performer, there’s a perfect spot for you to shine.

All auditions will be held at the Phoenix Campus, which is located at 13613 N Cave Creek Rd. Phoenix, AZ 85022 (on Cave Creek Rd. between Cactus and Greenway). We will meet in the Main Lobby for check-in at all auditions.

Audition Dates & Times:
August 11th- Kings Procession & Non-Speaking Roles (1:30-3:30pm)
August 16th- Vocal Auditions (6-9pm)

August 17th- Kid’s Dance Auditions (9am-12:30pm) & Adult Drama Auditions (3-4:30pm)

August 18th- Teen & Adult Dance Auditions (2:30-5:30pm)

August 19th- Drama Callbacks by invitation only (6-9pm)

August 20th- Vocal Callbacks by invitation only (6-9pm)

**If you are not able to attend the audition times listed, please submit a video audition (see details under the video audition tab) . If you have any questions or issues at any point in the process, you can email for help.

Circus Talent Wanted!
We are looking for unique talents to showcase in our Circus scene this year! If you can juggle, ride a unicycle, do acrobatics, stunts, bike tricks, etc., we want to know! Please submit a video as your audition for your special talent. See details under the video audition tab.

Casting & Rehearsals:
Our Full Cast List will be sent out via email on Saturday, August 31st along with a weekly rehearsal schedule. Expect to rehearse a minimum of 1.5 hrs a week per scene/role you are casted in starting September 7th. Please reference the Production Schedule tab for scene spacing, tech rehearsal, dress rehearsal, and show dates.

After the casting has been released, your scene leaders will reach out to you personally to confirm whether or not you are accepting/declining a role or place in their scene. Scene leaders will also provide an individual link to join their group in the “BAND” app. This is an app we are asking all cast members to download. It is a free app and will be what all scene leaders will be using primarily for communication.

We will host a Mandatory All Cast Meeting on September 7th! Everyone will meet in the main auditorium on the Phoenix Campus 9:30-10:30am for a brief meeting where we will introduce our directors & choreographers and cover important information regarding the show!


August 11th- Kings Procession & Non-Speaking Roles (1:30-3:30pm)
August 16th- Vocal Auditions (6-9pm)
August 17th- Kid’s Dance Auditions (9am-12:30pm) & Adult Drama Auditions (3-4:30pm)
August 18th- Teen & Adult Dance Auditions (2:30-5:30pm)
August 19th- Drama Callbacks by invitation only (6-9pm)
August 20th- Vocal Callbacks by invitation only (6-9pm)
August 31st- Cast List Released


September 7th- All Cast Meeting (9:30-10:30am) & Rehearsals Begin


TBD-Costume Fittings


**note you will only need to attend the scene spacings for the scenes you are in, so most likely not all of the SS dates listed below. Please block off until further notice. November 15th- Scene Spacing (6-9:30pm)
November 16th- Scene Spacing (9am-12pm) & (1:30-6pm)
November 17th- Scene Spacing (2:30-5pm) & (6:30-9pm)
November 18th- Scene Spacing (6-9:30pm)
November 19th- Scene Spacing (6-9:30pm)
November 23rd- ACT 1 Transitions Rehearsal (9am-12pm)
November 24th- Sitzprobe (4:15-6:15pm), & IEM Rehearsal (7-10pm)
November 25th- ACT 1 Tech Rehearsal (6-9:45pm)
November 26th- ACT 2 Tech Rehearsal (6-9:45pm)
November 27th-30th: OFF for Thanksgiving


December 1st- Dress Rehearsal #1 (6-10pm)
December 2nd- Dress Rehearsal #2 (6-10pm)
December 3rd- Dress Rehearsal #3 (6-10pm)
December 4th- Compassion Night Performance (7pm)
December 5th- Evening Show (7pm)
December 6th- Evening Show (7pm)
December 7th- Matinee Show (3pm) & Evening Show (7pm)
December 8th- Matinee Show (3pm) & Evening Show (7pm)
December 9th- OFF DAY
December 10th- Evening Show (7pm)
December 11th- Evening Show (7pm)
December 12th- Evening Show (7pm)
December 13th- Evening Show (7pm)
December 14th- Matinee Show (3pm) & Evening Show (7pm)
December 15th- Matinee Show (3pm) & Evening Show (7pm)

Step 1: Fill out this contact form:

Step 2: Using the navigation tabs on the top of the page, you can find information on each type of audition, what to expect, when to arrive and what you may need to have prepared prior. You will also find at the top of each navigation page is a link to sign up for a time slot for that particular audition. Please ensure you reserve all your audition slots for the categories you are planning to audition for in advance.
**Parents, because there is limited space in each session, you will need to separately select a time slot for each child participating. For example: do not pick one time slot under one child’s name and then have all 3 kids show up at that time.
**For the Teen & Adult Dance Audition, please note there are 3 time breaks in which we will have 3 workshops going at the same time. You can only pick one workshop per time break. So if you wanted to audition for all three styles, you would need to select one style in each time break to get through them all.

Step 3: Check your email for confirmation of your contact registration and time slot selections!

Ages 12+

Sign Up for Vocal Auditions Slots here:

Plan on arriving at least 10 minutes prior to your selected time slot for check-in. The vocal audition will be organized into 20-minute group sessions, with 8 people per session. For your audition, please prepare a 30-second to 1-minute acapella solo with a song of your choice. Pick a song that you believe best showcases your voice and range. Additionally, there will be a brief sight-singing and part-singing portion towards the end of the audition where you will be learning some music from the show!

Vocal Callbacks:
You will receive an email the evening following vocal auditions informing you if you’ve been invited for a callback audition held on Tuesday August 20th, from 6-9pm. The email will include what songs you are being called back for, a scheduled time you will need to come in, and the materials needed to learn the songs/be prepared for the callback audition!

Ages 12+

Sign Up for Drama Audition Slots here:

Plan on arriving 10min prior to your selected audition slot for check-in. For your audition, please prepare a 30-second to 1-minute memorized monologue. This is your opportunity to shine and captivate our attention with your talent. Remember to bring a headshot and resume if you have one, or simply bring a picture if you don’t.

To help you choose a suitable monologue, we’ve provided a character breakdown below. Take a moment to review the breakdown and see if any roles spark your interest. Feel free to select a character you find intriguing and tailor your monologue accordingly. Take your time, choose wisely, and prepare a monologue that reflects your passion. We’re excited to see your performance and how you bring the character to life. Good luck!

Drama Callbacks:
Following the drama auditions, you’ll receive an email letting you know if you have been invited for a callback on Monday, August 19th, from 6-9pm. The email will specify the roles you’re being called back for, your scheduled time slot(s), and provide sides for practice. *If you’re auditioning for Adult drama, please ensure your availability for the callback time, as there won’t be any make-up callbacks.

Roles to be filled:

  • Mae
  • Mae Understudy
  • Mabel Understudy
  • Mom
  • Rag Tag Kids: Squish, Polly, & Twig
  • Mr. Gold Understudy
  • Lady Rosalind Understudy
  • Thomas Understudy
  • Mr. Glover

Character Breakdown

MAE: Between 13-21. Cynical, rebellious, intelligent, curious. Enjoys being the challenger. Thinks she has an answer to every question.

MABEL: Between 17-30. Determined, innovative, takes the world in. Believes life is worth living to the full. She is a detective and problem-solver. Reserved, does not reveal her emotions on a whim. Determined to prove herself. This is a Sherlock Holmes/ Enola Holmes type character.

MOM: Between 30-50. Suburban mom in a rush to get ready for Christmas. Stressed. Loves her daughter. Takes pride in living a simple life.


  • BARNIE: Between 12-17. Leader of the small pack. Thinks that he is tough and smooth-talking. Enjoys teasing whoever is around.
  • TWIG: Between 12-17. Does not speak much, but is always taking everything in.
  • SQUISH: Between 12-17. Excitable. Follows the others and tries to do what they do.

MR. GOLD: Between 30-60. Has been a part of the circus for most of his life. He is the ringleader and owner of Gold Brothers’ Circus. Loves the sound of his own voice. Loves money and loves being the center of attention. Think PT Barnum from Greatest Showman.

LADY ROSALIND: Between 16-30. Has always lived a privileged life. Enjoys throwing parties and being the talk of the town. Very aware of her societal status, but there is a kindness underneath her. She is the former Mayor’s daughter.

THOMAS: Between 16-22 is an optimist and loves helping solve a problem. He has worked in a clock shop all his life and has always been interested in the inner-workings of a machine. He loves having fun and inviting others into joy. He is always looking out for the underdog because he is an underdog himself from time to time. He is perpetually stuck between adolescent and adult. He loves poetry, though he is still developing his writing skills.

MR. GLOVER: Between 30-65. The late Mayor’s butler and long time friend. Keeps a tight upper lip, but always has something going on behind his eyes. Is very good at his job.

Ages 7-12
Sign Up for Kids Dance Audition Slots here:

Please plan on arriving 30min prior to your selceted time slot for check-in. Participants will not need to prepare anything prior to auditions. This audition will function as a group workshop where a theatrical dance piece will be taught and performed in small groups to be considered for dance casting. A short time at the end will be open for kids to show off any other special talents they would like us to consider in our casting process. For example: acrobatic moves, tricks, tumbling, advanced dance technique, etc.

Ages 13+
Sign up for Dance Auditions Slots Here:

Plan on arriving 30min prior to your first selected time slot for check-in. Participants sign up for group workshops that include an instruction time where they will learn a dance routine and then they will perform the routine in small groups at the closing of the audition. There are multiple sessions based on dance style and level.

  • Beginner Broadway Dance (includes Jazz and Broadway styles)
  • Advanced Broadway Dance (includes advanced Jazz, Broadway, and Hip Hop styles)
  • Lyrical Dance (includes ballet & contemporary styles)

We encourage participants to sign up for all three styles so we can see the participant’s dance range and skill. Please wear a shirt and bottoms that allow you to stretch and move easily. Sneakers are recommended for both broadway dance styles and socks, dance slippers, or bare feet are acceptable for the lyrical audition. Please bring bottled water, and a snack, especially if you are attending all three sessions.

Special Talents & Specialty Dance Styles:
There will be a short open floor time at the closing of each dance audition for you to show off any other special talents you’d like us to make note of. For those who have specific unique skills such as gymnastics, advanced dance technique, juggling, hoops, parkour, acrobatics, etc. And for those who have skills in a specific dance style, such as tap, pointe, ballroom, breakdance, cultural dance styles, or any dance style not included in the Dance Auditions, you may also submit your special talent separately as a video audition in a 1-3min video showcasing your talent. (Reference the video audition tab for more details).

Potential flying angels will be selected out of both the kids & teen/adult dance auditions for a private tryout with our flying team once our rigs are installed. Being selected for the private try out is not a guarantee that you or your child will fly. There are many factors taken into consideration when putting people in the air and it is a highly evaluated group. If you or your child have interest in flying, please have our team make note of that when you check-in for the dance audition.
Ages 7+
Sign Up for Kings Procession & Non-Speaking Roles slots here:
If you are interested in participating in the show, but are not sure where you fit or are not necessarily inclined towards singing, acting, or dancing, we have non-speaking/non-dancing roles available! If you are interested in a Non-speaking role or being a part of our Kings Procession in the Nativity Scene, simply sign-up for a slot and attend the audition. No preparation required!

If you are unable to attend the in person audition for any category or would like to submit a special talents audition, a video audition option is available.

Complete the Contact Form
**Note you will still need to complete the audition contact form linked here:

How to submit a video?
All videos need to be uploaded to YouTube as an unlisted video, meaning only people with the link can view the video posted. Then email that link to with the subject line reading: “Video Audition COC24- Your Name”.

When are video submissions due?
The deadline for video submissions is by 8pm on the date of the actual in-person audition for each category you are wanting to be considered. Your submission could be missed and not considered if not completed on time.

What is required in a video submission?
Reference below for further instructions on how to audition for drama, dance, and singing parts via video:
Drama– please submit a 0:30-1:00min monologue of your choice.
Dance– please submit a 1:00min video of improvisational dancing or of a pre-choreographed piece in your preferred style.
Vocals– please submit a 1-2min a cappella solo that shows your primary style.
Special Talents– please submit your special talent separately as a video audition in a 1-3min video showcasing your talent.