Brooke Baker
Creative Arts Director

Mekena Sparks
Creative Arts Assistant

To help you choose a suitable monologue for your drama audition, we’ve provided a character breakdown for our exciting new show! Take a moment to review the breakdown and see if any roles spark your interest. Feel free to select a character you find intriguing and tailor your monologue accordingly.

MAE: Between 13-21. Cynical, rebellious, intelligent, curious. Enjoys being the challenger. Thinks she has an answer to every question.

MABEL: Between 17-30. Determined, innovative, takes the world in. Believes life is worth living to the full. She is a detective and problem-solver. Reserved, does not reveal her emotions on a whim. Determined to prove herself. This Sherlock Holmes/ Enola Holmes.

MOM: Between 30-50. Suburban mom in a rush to get ready for Christmas. Stressed. Loves her daughter. Takes pride in living a simple life.

: Between 12-17. Leader of the small pack. Thinks that he is tough and smooth-talking. Enjoys teasing whoever is around.
TWIG: Between 12-17. Does not speak much, but is always taking everything in.
SQUISH: Between 12-17. Excitable. Follows the others and tries to do what they do.

MRS. KRINGLE: Between 30-60. A businesswoman and a bit rough around the edges. She co-owns Kringle’s Korner with her husband- a highly-successful Hot Chocolate Pub. You never know if she is going to yell at you or give you a kiss on the cheek. She is the boss. Think Madame Thernadier from Les Mis.

MR. GOLD: Between 30-60. Has been a part of the circus for most of his life. He is the ringleader and owner of Gold Brothers’ Circus. Loves the sound of his own voice. Loves money and loves being the center of attention. Think PT Barnum from Greatest Showman.

SANDRA: Mr. Gold’s Assistant

LADY ROSALIND: Between 16-30. Has always lived a privileged life. Enjoys throwing parties and being the talk of the town. Very aware of her societal status, but there is a kindness underneath her. She is the former Mayor’s daughter.

MR. GLOVER: Between 30-65. Keeps a tight upper lip, but always has something going on behind his eyes. Is very good at his job.