Brooke Baker
Creative Arts Director

Mekena Sparks
Creative Arts Assistant

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Ages 12+

Sign Up for Drama Audition Slots here: https://www.signupgenius.com/go/10C084CA5AB2FA1F9C16-49668683-drama

Plan on arriving 10min prior to your selected audition slot for check-in. For your audition, please prepare a 30-second to 1-minute memorized monologue. This is your opportunity to shine and captivate our attention with your talent. Remember to bring a headshot and resume if you have one, or simply bring a picture if you don’t.

To help you choose a suitable monologue, we’ve provided a character breakdown below. Take a moment to review the breakdown and see if any roles spark your interest. Feel free to select a character you find intriguing and tailor your monologue accordingly. Take your time, choose wisely, and prepare a monologue that reflects your passion. We’re excited to see your performance and how you bring the character to life. Good luck!

Drama Callbacks:
Following the drama auditions, you’ll receive an email letting you know if you have been invited for a callback on Monday, August 19th, from 6-9pm. The email will specify the roles you’re being called back for, your scheduled time slot(s), and provide sides for practice. *If you’re auditioning for Adult drama, please ensure your availability for the callback time, as there won’t be any make-up callbacks.

Roles to be filled:

  • Mae
  • Mae Understudy
  • Mabel Understudy
  • Mom
  • Rag Tag Kids: Squish, Polly, & Twig
  • Mr. Gold Understudy
  • Lady Rosalind Understudy
  • Thomas Understudy
  • Mr. Glover

Character Breakdown

MAE: Between 13-21. Cynical, rebellious, intelligent, curious. Enjoys being the challenger. Thinks she has an answer to every question.

MABEL: Between 17-30. Determined, innovative, takes the world in. Believes life is worth living to the full. She is a detective and problem-solver. Reserved, does not reveal her emotions on a whim. Determined to prove herself. This is a Sherlock Holmes/ Enola Holmes type character.

MOM: Between 30-50. Suburban mom in a rush to get ready for Christmas. Stressed. Loves her daughter. Takes pride in living a simple life.


  • BARNIE: Between 12-17. Leader of the small pack. Thinks that he is tough and smooth-talking. Enjoys teasing whoever is around.
  • TWIG: Between 12-17. Does not speak much, but is always taking everything in.
  • SQUISH: Between 12-17. Excitable. Follows the others and tries to do what they do.

MR. GOLD: Between 30-60. Has been a part of the circus for most of his life. He is the ringleader and owner of Gold Brothers’ Circus. Loves the sound of his own voice. Loves money and loves being the center of attention. Think PT Barnum from Greatest Showman.

LADY ROSALIND: Between 16-30. Has always lived a privileged life. Enjoys throwing parties and being the talk of the town. Very aware of her societal status, but there is a kindness underneath her. She is the former Mayor’s daughter.

THOMAS: Between 16-22 is an optimist and loves helping solve a problem. He has worked in a clock shop all his life and has always been interested in the inner-workings of a machine. He loves having fun and inviting others into joy. He is always looking out for the underdog because he is an underdog himself from time to time. He is perpetually stuck between adolescent and adult. He loves poetry, though he is still developing his writing skills.

MR. GLOVER: Between 30-65. The late Mayor’s butler and long time friend. Keeps a tight upper lip, but always has something going on behind his eyes. Is very good at his job.