Brooke Baker
Creative Arts Director

Mekena Sparks
Creative Arts Assistant

If you are unable to attend the in person audition for any category or would like to submit a special talents audition, a video audition option is available.

Complete the Contact Form
**Note you will still need to complete the audition contact form linked here:

How to submit a video?
All videos need to be uploaded to Youtube as an unlisted video, meaning only people with the link can view the video posted. Then email that link to with the subject line reading:
“COC Video Audition- Your Name”.

When are video submissions due?
The deadline for video submissions is by 5pm on the date of the actual in-person audition for each category you are wanting to be considered. Your submission could be missed and not considered if not completed on time.

What is required in a video submission?
Reference below for further instructions on how to audition for drama, dance, and singing parts via video:

Drama– please submit a 0:30-1:00min monologue of your choice.
Dance– please submit a 1:00min video of improvisational dancing or of a pre-choreographed piece in your preferred style.
Vocals– please submit a 1-2min a cappella solo that shows your primary style.
Special Talents– please submit your special talent separately as a video audition in a 1-3min video showcasing your talent.