Brooke Baker
Creative Arts Director

Mekena Sparks
Creative Arts Assistant

It takes hundreds of volunteers to make this show happen! If you have an interest in volunteering with us this season in any of the areas below, please reach out to the corresponding contact and we will do our best to get you plugged in! This is also a great opportunity to get community service hours needed for various school clubs, honors programs, ect.

  • Costumes: seamstresses, dressers, backstage help, organizational help – Betsy Luna (480-678-2960) or (bluna@dreamcitychurch.us)
  • Hair & Makeup: Adele Downing (602-515-2333)
  • Facilities: Tommy Robertson (trobertson@dreamcitychurch.us)
  • Ushering & Greeting: Tim Moza (tmoza@dreamcitychurch.us)
  • Lobby & Outside Concessions: Josh Blackford (jblackford@dreamcitychurch.us)
  • Media: Shawn Smith (ssmith@dreamcitychurch.us)
  • Photography: Annalee Matchett (ajbarnett@dreamcitychurch.us)