What to Prepare for Auditions

Brooke Baker
Creative Arts Director

Mekena Sparks
Creative Arts Assistant

Below you can find information on what to prepare for each audition!

Non-Speaking Roles & Kings Procession Audition:
If you are interested in participating in the show, but are not sure where you fit or are not necessarily inclined towards singing, acting, or dancing, we have non-speaking/non-dancing roles available! If you are interested in a Non-speaking role, simply sign-up for a slot and attend the audition. No preparation required!

Teen & Adult Dance Auditions:

Participants sign up for group workshops that include an instruction time where they will learn a dance routine and then they will perform the routine in small groups at the closing of the audition. There are multiple sessions based on dance style and level.

  • Beginner Broadway Dance (includes Jazz and Broadway styles)
  • Advanced Broadway Dance (includes advanced Jazz, Broadway, and Urban styles)
  • Lyrical Dance (includes ballet, contemporary styles)

We encourage participants to sign up for all styles so we can see the participant’s dance range and skill. On the sign-up genius site (linked on the “How to register for Auditions” tab) you can choose which session to attend at which time. Please wear a shirt and bottoms that allow you to stretch and move easily. Sneakers are recommended for both broadway dance styles and socks, dance slippers, or bare feet are acceptable for the lyrical audition. Please bring bottled water, and a snack, especially if you are attending all three sessions.

Special Talents & Specialty Dance Styles:
There will be a short open floor time at the closing of each dance audition for you to show off any other special talents you’d like us to make note of. For those who have specific unique skills such as gymnastics, advanced dance technique, juggling, hoops, parkour, acrobatics, etc. And for those who have skills in a specific dance style, such as tap, pointe, ballroom, breakdance, cultural dance styles, or any dance style not included in the Dance Auditions, you may also submit your special talent separately as a video audition in a 1-3min video showcasing your talent.

Kids Dance Auditions
Kids will not need to prepare anything prior to auditions. This audition will function as a sort of group workshop where a theatrical dance piece will be taught and performed in small groups to be considered for dance casting. A short time at the end will be open for kids to show off any other special talents they would like us to consider in our casting process. For example: acrobatic moves, tricks, tumbling, advanced dance technique, etc.

Drama Auditions:
For your audition, please prepare a 30-second to 1-minute memorized monologue. This is your opportunity to shine and captivate our attention with your talent. Remember to bring a headshot and resume if you have one, or simply bring a picture if you don’t.

To help you choose a suitable monologue, we’ve provided a character breakdown for our exciting new show. Take a moment to review the breakdown and see if any roles spark your interest. Feel free to select a character you find intriguing and tailor your monologue accordingly.

Take your time, choose wisely, and prepare a monologue that reflects your passion. We’re excited to see your performance and how you bring the character to life. Good luck!

Character Breakdown Tab

Drama Callbacks:
Following the drama auditions, you’ll receive an email letting you know if you have been invited for a callback on Sunday, August 20th, from 2-5pm. The email will specify the roles you’re being called back for, your scheduled time slot(s), and provide sides for practice. *If you’re auditioning for Adult drama, please ensure your availability for the callback time, as there won’t be any make-up callbacks.

Vocal Auditions
The vocal audition will be organized into 20-minute group sessions, with 6-8 people per session. For your audition, please prepare a 30-second to 1-minute acapella solo with a Christmas song of your choice. Pick a song that you believe best showcases your voice.

Additionally, there will be a brief sight-singing and part-singing portion towards the end of the audition where you will be learning some music from the show!

Vocal Callbacks:
You will receive an email the evening following vocal auditions informing you if you’ve been invited for a callback audition. The email will include what songs you are being called back for, a scheduled time you will need to come in, and the materials needed to learn the songs/be prepared for the callback audition!